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Palestinian Studies

This set of resources should serve students and researchers working on issues related to the history and present situation of Palestine and the Palestinians.

About this Guide


This resource guide is intended as a starting point for those looking to research questions related to the history and politics of modern Palestine. This is not a comprehensive survey of all available resources and potential topics of interest, nor does it cover ancient Palestine or the Levant prior to the 18th century CE. Rather this guide is intended to collect resources related to the emergence of a Palestinian national movement, the formation of territorial disputes since the late Ottoman period, as well as issues of culture and identity. The goal is to provide resources with academic merit and research potential. The views expressed in that content may be controversial to some, however, the intent is to provide resources that reflect the state of scholarly and public debates and can serve as the basis for new research. 

Journals and Periodicals

News Sources Online

A more comprehensive look at the Palestinian Media Landscape is available from the European Journalism Center.

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