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Primary Sources

Learn where to find primary sources and how to contextualize them.


undefinedIntroduction to Primary Source Research in the Humanities

Identify three starting points to find primary sources online, and understand how to begin to contextualize a primary source.

undefinedIntroduction to Special Collections

Learn about special collections libraries and how to access their collection materials.


Introduction to Archives and Manuscripts

Identify what archives and manuscripts are and how to find them online and in libraries.

Learning Objectives

This guide is designed to help you:

  • Identify three starting points to find primary sources online
  • Understand how to contextualize a primary source
  • Understand what special collections are and what they contain
  • Learn how to find, request, and access materials for use in the John Hay Library special collections reading room
  • Understand what archives and manuscripts are, and how to find them online
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Icons by Noun Project: Book by Graphic Engineer, ID licensed under CC BY 3.0 represents primary sources.