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ANTH 0300 Culture & Health

Using this guide

Welcome! This guide offers starting points for your research in ANTH 0300. You can find additional information by browsing related guides below or searching the complete list. All e-resources are available to you online when you're signed in to Brown's network.

I'm available to help with your research-- feel free to schedule an appointment or email me:

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Search tips and tricks

Research Tutorials

We at the Library have created a series of tutorials for folks who'd like to brush up on their library skills, learn about the research process, or discover some interesting ways to find, evaluate, and use the resources available to you here. 

Explore your Library!

Finding a book on the shelf

Many thanks to our colleagues at the University of Arkansas for the above tutorial on how to read a call number at the Brown Library. We use the Library of Congress call number system, which often differs from the systems used in US public and school libraries.

Don't forget to ask if you'd like clarification or need help finding something on the shelves!