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SOC 1117: Focus Groups for Social and Market Research

Updated for Fall 2022

Accessing Full Text

You can connect to full text subscriptions by being on Brown's network (on campus or with VPN), or by accessing journals and databases through the library website. 

Linking to full text from databases is made possible by clicking on the Find It! button. It looks like this:

and its placement will vary depending on which database you are using. 

If we don't have an article, you'll be prompted to request it from another library. 

If this occurs, click "Request from another library." Your request will be automatically generated and routed to us, and you'll receive the article via email.

LibKey Browser Extention

If you want to connect to full text no matter where you are online, you can install the LibKey browser extension. LibKey Nomad provides one-click article access to library subscriptions. The same "Download PDF" button shows across different platforms - from subscription library databases like JSTOR, to open databases like PubMed and Google Scholar, publisher journal pages, and even Wikipedia references. 

Since it's connected to your browser, you don't have to go through the library website or be logged in to Brown's network to be linked back to our subscriptions. If we don't have the PDF, it will bring you to a page to request an interlibrary loan of the article.

It doesn't require a user account, does not cache user credentials, and does not sell or share user data.

To install: