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Census Data

This guide provides an introduction to U.S. census data: concepts, datasets, and data sources

Businesses and Industries

The Census Bureau publishes summary data for business establishments, which are single physical locations where business is conducted or where services or industrial output is performed. The data is summarized by geography and industry. To protect the privacy of individual businesses, geographies or industries where there are few businesses in a given category are not disclosed, or ranges of values are published instead of specific values. Data is available via or directly from the program sites.


The example below illustrates how doctor's offices are classified within the 2-digit Health Care and Social Assistance sector (62). At the 6-digit US Industry level there is a distinction between physicians who are mental health specialists (621112) and those who are not (621111). Both are part of the same 4-digit industry group level that includes all physicians (6211), and is distinct from other industry groups like dentists (6212). Both physicians and dentists are part of the same 3-digit Ambulatory Health Care Services subsector level (621), along with other industry groups not depicted.

NAICS Example