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ENGN 1010 S03 The Entrepreneurial Process

Class page for S03, Fall 2020

Research Overview

three circles with people in them connected in a circleCompany Research

Links to resources that provide detailed information about a single company and can help create lists of companies.

circular graph with writing placeholder lines to represent SWOT quad chart

Industry Research

Learn about NAICS codes and where to look for information about Industries.

undefinedMarket Segmentation Resources

Demos for SimplyAnalytics, Data.Census.Gov, and PolicyMap.

How can you use the resources on this guide to complete your business model canvas? See these pages from University of Arizona Libraries, Nancy Lovas at UNC, and LaMonica Higgins at the University of Pittsburgh.

Though we don't subscribe to all of the same resources, this alignment of databases to the questions on the canvas can help you get started.

swot analysis by Becris from the Noun Project
Market segmentation by remmachenasreddine from the Noun Project
company by Flatart, PK from the Noun Project