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ENGN 1010 S03 The Entrepreneurial Process

Class page for S03, Fall 2020

Market Segments and Demographics

In addition to the spatial data and mapping tools below, look for consumer behavior statistics and information from the Census, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) and the Consumer Behavior Handbooks from RKMA. We also have a thorough Social Science Data Sources page which contains information on non-US sources for demographic and economic data.

Additional resources are outlined on the Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship Market Customers & Markets research page.

Go straight to the source for demographic information. See the Social Sciences Data page for worldwide demographic data.


SimplyAnalytics is an online data exploration and mapping tool that provides access to many different data sets including data from the US Census and Claritas PRIZM Premier market segments.

Watch: How to find relevant PRIZM Segments

In this video, I walk through one way you can explore PRIZM data in SimplyAnalytics. There are additional examples for how to use the related data table and ranking views in the documents linked above.


Policymap is an online data and mapping application that gives access to over 15,000 indicators related to housing, crime, mortgages, health, jobs, demographics and education. Data are available at all common geographies (address, block group, census tract, zip code, county, city, state, MSA) as well as unique geographies like school districts and political boundaries. Data come from both public and proprietary sources.