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Finding Information

Gain an understanding of different information formats, including the ways they can be used in research.


Icon IdeasTypes of Information Resources

Identify different information formats and understand that different types of resources can be used for different purposes


Icon ChoosingGoogle vs. Research Databases: What's the Difference?

Define databases and identify differences between the type of information available through general search engines and academic databases


Icon ebookFinding Ebooks

Understand what an ebook is and its relationship with other formats, and learn how to select an ebook on a certain topic


Icon Finding ArticlesFinding Articles

Learn what an article is and its relationship with other formats, and be able to select for articles using the library homepage search and a database.


newspaper icon Finding Newspaper Articles

  Locate historic newspaper articles


undefinedFinding Images

Find images using Artstor and Google Advanced Image Search.


information exchange iconGetting Articles You Cannot Find

Learn how to get a PDF copy of an article that you are not able to find using interlibrary loan.

This guide is designed to help you:

  • Understand that information comes in a variety of formats, and each format has capabilities and constraints related to their different creation processes
  • Differentiate between the benefits of distinct information types
  • Choose the information type that can help answer the questions you have


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Icons by Noun Project: Innovation by Made x Made licensed under CC BY 3.0 represents types of information resources, balance by shashank singh licensed under CC BY 3.0 represents differences between databases, ebook by Adrien Coquet licensed under CC BY 3.0 represents ebooks, Academic Paper by Silviu Ojog licensed under CC BY 3.0 represents journal articles; Image by Alfa Design licensed under CC BY 3.0 represents finding images,