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French Studies

Bienvenue! In this guide you will find resources and tools to help you conduct research on French literature, language and culture.

Digital Collections

The John Hay Library’s major nineteenth-century resources are featured in the Paris in the 19th Century digital project. The multi-disciplinary approach of this web site serves as a discovery tool to the many illustrated works, prints and caricatures in the collections for students and researchers in History, Art and Architecture, French Studies, and Comparative Literature. 

Special Collections - John Hay Library

The French studies 19th Century primary sources cut across a wide range of named and signature collections, with substantial holdings on the literature and cultural history of the early modern and modern periods, eighteenth-century and nineteenth-century literature and intellectual history. 

The John Hay Library holds a small but important set of books on the Paris World Fairs and runs of popular newspapers such as L’Illustration and Le Petit Journal, as well as the “Dreyfus affair periodical collection” with issues of periodicals which represent the point of view of both supporters and adversaries of Albert Dreyfus.

John Hay Library has strong collections in the discipline of gender and sexuality studies as well as poetry, fiction and scientific treatises for nineteenth century and early twentieth century. A copy of the short-lived periodical Akademos which is considered to be the first French magazine of interest to LGBT readers was added to the collection along with several works by Péladan, Jean Cocteau, Natalie Barney, and Renée Vivien.  A fine collection of Baudelaire works has been created over the years. Among the notable editions is a numbered copy of Les Fleurs du Mal illustrated with etchings and wood engravings by Charles Rochegrosse and a numbered edition of La Fanfarlo with illustrations by the poet himself, including outstanding editions of translations of Poe by Baudelaire such as the 1856 first edition of Histoires extraordinaires by Michel Lévy frères.

19th Century Newspapers