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Korean Studies

Current Newspaper Databases

These databases are updated daily and cover current newspapers and news sources from around the world in full text. 


Reading the News in China, ca. 1895-1935. Photo from Okinawa Soba (Rob) via Creative Commons license.

Major U.S. Newspapers


The ProQuest newspapers in the list below are text only, so for the most part you will not see images or advertising.

Print Newspapers - Periodicals Reading Room, Rockefeller Library

  • Asahi Shimbun (Japan)
  • Boston Globe 
  • Christian Science Monitor
  • Financial Times (UK)
  • Jen min jih pao (China)
  • Le Monde (France) 
  • New York Times 
  • Providence Journal
  • Shih chieh jih pao
  • Times (London)
  • USA Today 
  • Wall Street Journal 
  • Washington Post 

Ethnic, Local, & Specialized News Presses