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Leadership Directories

Leadership Congressional  
Current; Leadership Directories' Congressional database includes all Member offices for the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives, including Hill offices, state offices, and district offices, plus staff with legislative responsibilities and emails. It also includes all Congressional Committees and Subcommittees (including Standing, Select, and Joint), Leadership Organizations, and Congressional Support Agencies. In addition, it includes Leadership PAC offices and staff, congressional campaign offices and staff, plus more than 600 of the most popular and influential Congressional Caucuses, Task Forces, Boards, and Staff Associations. It also includes Congressional Officers.

Leadership Federal 
Current; Leadership Directories' federal data can connect you to over 120,000 contacts – in Washington and beyond. Using the United States Government Manual as a guide, all 15 federal departments and 90 independent agencies are researched. Provides access to field offices, bureau branches, regional headquarters, national parks, and military installations, as well as over 170 U.S. diplomatic missions to foreign countries, U.S. ambassadors, and staff of federal departments and agencies with offices abroad. Includes information on over 1,200 Federal programs covering over 2,800 program managers and 171 Federal advisory committees covering over 3,000 committee members, as well as interactive Org Charts.