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Scientific Literature Review Resources and Services

About BUL's Scientific Literature Review Service

The Department of Health and Biomedical Library Services (HBLS) is available to provide support for scientific literature reviews.

Who is eligible to use the BUL Scientific Literature Review Service?

Faculty, staff and students at Brown University, including Alpert Medical School (AMS) residents, fellows, and clinical faculty, are eligible for this service. Cross-institutional research teams with at least one member affiliated with Brown University are also eligible.

  • For students doing independent research, one or two 1-hr consultations are typically enough to help define the question and develop the search strategies.

  • For larger projects, we will typically start with an intake interview to define the scope of the project and determine timelines and expectations. Librarians are often offered co-authorship at this level, depending on the level of time and expertise provided on the project.

  • All researchers are encouraged to read the Scientific Literature Review Service Information Sheet prior to the first meeting with a librarian.

Expected Timeframe

Researchers are requested to reach out to a librarian for assistance with their research projects as soon as possible. Comprehensive reviews with lengthy timelines (for example, systematic reviews or scoping reviews) that require thorough literature searches across multiple databases may take the librarian up to 2-3 months from the first meeting to deliver results.