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Environmental Studies

This guide provides resources for Environmental Studies scholarship and research.

Social Sciences Data Librarian

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Bruce Boucek
Bruce provides consultations and class sessions on social science research, data acquisition, analysis, visualization, and mapping.

Rockefeller Library, Rm 103
10 Prospect St., Providence, RI 02912
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(401) 863-7978

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Welcome to the LibGuide for Environmental Studies. Here you will find links to useful databases and web resources for Environmental Studies scholarship as well as contact information for your subject area librarian. Please feel free to contact me with your questions, concerns, or even suggestions and recommendations!

Explore the Environment!

Environmental Studies at Brown University

The Brown University Center for Environmental Studies (CES)

"The Center for Environmental Studies at Brown University was established in 1978 with the aim of educating individuals to understand complex environmental problems and develop workable solutions. We prepare students to embark on careers where they can apply backgrounds in both science and policy to investigate and solve the environmental problems facing society today and in the future.

To help achieve this we create opportunities for students to experience engaged "problem-based" learning in the pursuit of environmental solutions. "

CES News

CES Recent Reports and Publications

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