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Environmental Studies

This guide provides resources for Environmental Studies scholarship and research.

How to find Journals in Political Ecology

Below are examples of journals that are focused on political ecology, however, you may find relevant literature in a more general database for environmental science, policy, engineering and other related fields.

To locate additional journals, search BruKnow  using the subject field for Periodicals + your topic. Here is a BruKnow search to get started:

Journals in Environmental Science (sample):

Articles and Grey Literature

The following databases contain articles and grey literature. Some databases will contain a filter to limit your search to only show peer-reviewed articles but others will not. Remember to evaluate each article for it's relevancy to your research question and intended audience.

For help with search technique, see this tutorial on using keywords:

  Asking Research Questions

    Find clues in your research question to help you get started searching for information.


venn diagram with three circles  Search Tips

   Refine your search with keywords and boolean operators. Discover how search logs can help you reflect and improve your searching skills.

quotation marks around a screenCitation Searching

Search for citations when you want to analyze literature in a way that keyword or subject searching does not allow.

Databases for In Depth Searching

For more, see the following guides:

For more:

For more:

For more: