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Consumer Health Resources

This guide is intended to help people find important and reliable health information and resources for health information education.

Affordable Care Act

Learn more about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and how to obtain insurance coverage


Welcome to Brown University Library's guide to consumer health information. This guide is intended to provide you with important and reliable health information and guidelines for evaluating health/medical information. The guide also provides information and resources for the purposes of health information education. 


This guide is not a substitute for visiting a doctor about health concerns or medical conditions. 

MedLine Plus

Rhode Island Health Resources

Get access to information specific to healthcare and consumer health in Rhode Island and learn more about accessing healthcare at a reduced cost. 

Evaluating Health Information

Some easy tips for evaluating online health information:

  • Don't use a regular Google Search, instead use one of the databases or resources on this site. 
  • Avoid .com websites because they could be misleading in favor of profit.
  • Check an author's credentials to determine whether they are a health professional associated with a legitimate institution. 
  • Look for publication dates and decide whether the information updated. 

The websites listed below also have great information about finding quality health information.