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Database: CB Insights

How to Access

First time users must register for an account using your email address. You need to be on campus or connected to the VPN when you create your account.

Students do not need to provide their phone number or role. The fields are required on the form but you can enter "1234" in each field.

Log in:

Account types

Regular Accounts may export up to 6k rows of data, as well as create, edit and share presentations within the system.

Research Accounts may download up to 50,000 rows of data per year. To request a research account email

Coverage & Decription

CB Insights is a research platform that provides data and tools to analyze venture capital, startup companies, technology, patents, and news. The platform allows users to access original market and industry research and execute custom complex searches across data points in the system.

All information in CB Insights has been verified by research analysts and is traceable to the original source.

CBI Terminology

The research reports in CB Insights are what most students and researchers want to access - they are timely and cover a range of technology topics. You can filter the research you’re looking for based on industry, geography and other filters.

image of a lock to represent content that brown users can accessBrown users have access to reports with either no symbol or a lock symbol next to the title.

image of a lock with a start to represent expert intelligenceBrown users do not have access to the expert intelligence reports, which have a lock with a star next to the title.

A story is an interactive slide deck that you can create and edit within the CB Insights platform. Stories are branded by CB Insights, but you can add charts, tables, and graphs from almost anywhere within the platform to your story. You can also download and share your stories to PowerPoint or a PDF.

Collections in CBI are like enhanced spreadsheets or interactive tabular data about companies, investors, patents, news and other data points in the platform. CBI analysts create collections based on different topics that you can modify for your own analysis and use to generate stories (presentations). You can also create your own original collections based on your research.

Manuals and User Guides

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