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Language Studies

This guide will help you start your research for Language Studies classes and projects.

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Build a strong search

A good search term is the key to effectively and rapidly finding information.  Here are some tips:

  •  Be specific. Consider including synonyms for a specific terminology.  For example, the term ‘syllables’ is more precise than 'speech sounds'. 
  •  Link your terms in specific ways. Using AND, OR, NOT can structure the search engines' assumptions about the order in which the terms should appear in a webpage.  For example: Pitch movement AND Intonation
  • Consider using the Search Guide or Help available in databases.




 Year's Work in Modern Language Studies   Online 2011-           through JSTOR. Vol.1-v.72 for 1929/1930-2010 are in print only and shelved in the stacks at PB1 .Y45.

 Linguistics, the Cambridge survey In print only and shelved in Rock stacks: P121 .L567 1988


List of Journals @ Brown