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Database: Datastream and EIkon

Workstation located on the 12th floor of the Science Library. For help with Datastream contact

How to Access

Datastream is accessed from a workstation on the 12th Floor of the Science Library.

map of the 11th floor. arrow pointing left from the elevator towards the workstation

Turn left off of the elevators towards the offices. The workstation will be on your left in the corner.

When you arrive at the workstation, open Excel. You will use an excel plugin called Datastream Navigator (DNO) to browse indicators, make your selections, and extract data.

Data Coverage & Decription

Datastream is a database which contains current and historical data on stocks, indices, bonds, funds, futures, options, interest rates, commodities, and economic indicators.

There are millions of economic indicators from National Statistical Offices as well as third party data providers like Refinitiv Worldscope, Economist Intelligence Unit and ESG data providers.

Quick Start Instructions

Datastream for Office is accessed through an Excel Add-on. Open Refinitiv Eikon Excel.

refinitiv eikon excel icon in the windows bottom toolbar

To activate the add-on, click the Eikon tab in Excel. Click "Sign In."

Refinitiv Eikon Tab Sign In Button highlighted in red box

It will automatically log in after a few seconds. Click the tab "Datastream" to access the data navigator, download data or use the charting functions.

datastream tab in the excel ribbon highlighted in green box

On the Datastream tab, click "Find Series" to open Datastream Navigator (DNO).

green arrow pointing to find series button

Datasets are organized by category, with the most indicators available under the Economics. You can find indicators by searching or browsing by category.

screenshot of Datastream navigator window

If you are looking for more than one item, you can check the box to add the items to your selections. to return a list of your selected indicators, click "My selections" in the upper right corner, then select "Return items."

screenshot of a returned list of series codes

A time series is a dataset that provides data for a series, indicator or instrument over a period of time, at a set interval like daily, weekly or monthly. When you are looking for series in Datastream, make note of the frequency because the available frequency and the frequency entered in the data request need to match.

From the Datastream tab, click "Time Series Request."

Enter the series code if you have it, or click find series to open Datastream Naviagtor. You can enter multiple series codes separated by a comma.

screenshot of DNO in excel with green arrow pointing to time series request button and green box highlighting find series button.

Select the dates and frequency you want and click submit. The data will be returned starting in the cell you selected on the spreadsheet.

In the screenshot above, you can see that the selected cell is a formula. You may want to copy & paste this formula in to a document to save in case you want to come back and use this indicator again in the future. This is a live formula that only works when you are logged in to Eikon.

In order to access your data from your own computer, you must copy and paste values from your extraction in a new spreadsheet before uploading or emailing it to yourself.

Manuals and User Guides

NOTE: You must copy and paste values from your extraction in a new spreadsheet before uploading or emailing it to yourself.

Troubleshoot in Excel

Try the following if the Eikon or Datastream tabs are not showing in Excel:

  • Log into the workstation that has Eikon with Datastream installed and open Excel.
  • Click the Refinitiv Eikon tab in Excel. Click "Sign In."
  • Click the Refinitiv Datastream tab to use Datastream.

If you don't see the Refinitiv Eikon or Refinitiv Datastream tabs in Excel, search the computer for Eikon. Select the result for "Refinitiv Eikon -Microsoft Excel".

If it does not open, confirm that the add-on is activated:

  • Open Excel, click on File tab, and select Options.
  • Select Add-Ins on the left. Change the Manage drop-down menu to COM Add-ins, and press Go.
  • Select the box next to the Refinitiv Eikon or Datastream plug-in (whatever is missing) and press OK. The Eikon and/or Datastream tab in Excel should show up.

If the above steps don't work, restart the computer.

If restarting the computer does not work, email for help.