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Brown University is unique in having a Department of Egyptology and Ancient Western Asian Studies.  Here, one can pursue undergraduate or graduate study of ancient Egypt and/or the ancient Near East.  This guide is an introduction to resources that the Library provides for the study Egyptology, with links to some resources outside of Brown as well.  For Ancient Western Asian Studies, there will be a separate guide.  Note that you can also find some relevant tools in some other guides, such as Religious Studies, the History of Art & Architecture, Classics, etc. 

Individual Databases for Egyptology & Ancient Western Asian Studies

Academic Search Premier    
Current; multidisciplinary full text database, designed for the academic community. Includes full text coverage for just under 4,700 journals, including 3,600 peer-reviewed journals.

Arts and Humanities Citation Index    
1975-present; source for information in all arts and humanities disciplines. Useful for retrieving recent articles that cite a known earlier article.

ARTstor is a digital library of over one million images in the areas of art, architecture, the humanities, and social sciences with a set of tools to view, present, and manage images. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED IN ORDER TO DOWNLOAD IMAGES. For help getting started see ARTstor HELP for Brown University users.

ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials     
1949-present; the ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials is the premier index to journal articles, book reviews, and collections of essays in all fields of religion. Links are provided to 100,000 full text articles in ATLASerials, from more than fifty journals selected by religion scholars in the United States. Full text resources from the Religion and Philosophy Collection are also linked within this database.

Bibliography of the History of Art 
1990-2007; covers European and American art from late antiquity to the present. Note that the database search includes the International Bibliography of Art (IBA), covering the years 2008 and part of 2009. The Repertoire de la litterature de l'art (RILA), one of the predecessors of BHA, with records that cover 1975-1989, will be online by May 1. [This resource is publicly available.]

Brill's New Pauly    
Brill's New Pauly is an English translation (with revisions) of the German Der Neue Pauly which itself is the latest revision of the great multi-volume encyclopedia of the ancient world, known familiarly as Pauly-Wissowa. This resource in print was known as the Realencyclopädie der Classischen Altertumswissenschaft begun by August Pauly in 1839, with an expanded edition by Georg Wissowa published between 1890 and 1980. The New Pauly is still in progress, but includes access to the German edition, which was completed in 2003. The online version, like the print edition, includes two sections: Antiquity and the Classical Tradition.

1956-present; books, book reviews, and journal articles in the disciplines of classics, prehistory and ancient history, archaeology, numismatics, epigraphy, and philology are indexed, including subject access based on the Realkatalog of the German Archaeological Institute. Most of the citations are to works not in English.

Electronic Corpus of Sumerian Literature   
The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature (ETCSL), a project of the University of Oxford, comprises a selection of nearly 400 literary compositions recorded on sources which come from ancient Mesopotamia (modern Iraq) and date to the late third and early second millennia BCE. The corpus contains Sumerian texts in transliteration, English prose translations and bibliographical information for each composition. The transliterations and the translations can be searched, browsed and read online using the tools of the website. [This resource is publicly available.]

History of Science, Technology, and Medicine    
1975-present; this database indexes journal articles, conference proceedings, books, book reviews, and dissertations in the history of science, technology, and medicine and allied historical fields. The database integrates four bibliographies: the Isis Current Bibliography of the History of Science, the Current Bibliography in the History of Technology (Technology and Culture), the Bibliografia Italiana di Storia della Scienza and the Wellcome Library for the History and Understanding of Medicine.

Current; Brown University's online library catalog, provides access to information about books, periodicals, and other materials owned by the Brown libraries.

Online Egyptological Bibliography 
Current bibliography of academic studies in Egyptology. Includes the volumes of the previous Annual Egyptological Bibliography (AEB) combined with the Bibliographie Alt�gypten (BA), providing coverage of Egyptological literature from 1822 to 2002 (roughly 70,000 items), as well as partial coverage of 2003-present.

Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt 
Electronic version of a standard three-volume reference work on Egyptology from Oxford University Press. Includes articles by experts in the field, with helpful bibliographies.

PHI : Greek Documentary Texts 
1996 edition (CD-ROM #7); the Packard Humanities Institute CD-ROM #7 contains over 140,000 Greek inscriptions and over 50,000 papyri. A selection of coptic texts is also available. (Available on Computer 2 in the Rockefeller Library computing cluster.) (Rockefeller Library)

Books, journals, sound recordings, videos and manuscripts collected and catalogued by your library and libraries around the world. WorldCat does not include individual articles, stories in journals, magazines, newspapers, or book chapters.

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