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Egyptology and Assyriology


Articles are found both in journals and in collections of essays (such as the papers presented at a conference, and later edited for publication).  The bibliographic databases presented here generally index both journals and collections of essays.  Academic Search Premier, which is a general, interdisciplinary database, even indexes popular magazines, although one can limit a search to peer-reviewed journals.  The other resources here are specific to Egyptology, or to other topics that may be relevant to ancient Egypt. 

You can also search for articles in the search box on the Library's main web page, although you will only find articles that the Library has in digital form.

Full-Text Journal Archives

Some of the periodical indexes listed above include access to some of the articles indexed. We also have added a tool (the "Find it" button) which links to content that we make available through the Library.  That content often includes the journal archives listed below, which offer digitized versions of core academic journals in various disciplines, from their beginnings to within a few years of the present day. While these journal archives can also be searched separately, I would generally advise not doing so unless you are searching for something very specific that can easily be distinguished from similar but unrelated content. The periodical indexes also have the advantage of including journals that may not be in these archives which, although they are interdisciplinary, are still selective, and are often limited to journals in specific languages.  

Periodical and other indexes