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This guide offers instruction and information about the latest version of this popular citation manager available to the Brown community.

Set Up EndNote


Download the latest version of EndNote from Brown's software catalog. You'll be prompted to enter your Brown username and password. Open the downloaded package and follow the installation prompts.

Register Online

Register for an online EndNote account. This is not required but will allow you to sync your library to the cloud and share your library with others.

Create Your Library

Open EndNote. If you are on a PC, you will see a gray blank screen. If you are on a Mac, you will only see a toolbar on the top of your screen. You will need to create your first library by clicking "File," then "New." 

Note: You can create multiple EndNote libraries, but can only configure one to sync with your online account.

Configure Online Syncing

For PC users, click "Edit" in the top toolbar, then "Preferences." For Mac users, click "EndNote 20" in the top toolbar, then "Preferences." Select "Sync" from the left-side menu, then click "Enable Sync":


From there, you will be prompted to enter your account details. Online syncing is not necessary to use EndNote. However, it is necessary if you'd like to share references with others, access your library from a different computer, or recover a lost library. 


If you are successfully synced to your online account, you will see a green check mark next to "Sync Status."

Create Term Lists

For accuracy in your bibliographies it is highly recommended that you download Term Lists (Journal Abbreviations). Repeat the process for each library you create.

Note: if you have imported citations/references into your library before importing the Journal Term Lists you must delete the Term Lists that were automatically created by the import process. To delete Term Lists open your EndNote Library, go to Tools > Open Term Lists > Journals Term List. Highlight the whole list and then click on Delete Term.

To import official Term Lists by subject area.

1.    Open an EndNote Library.

2.    Click on Tools > Define Term Lists.

3.    Click on Lists tab > Journals > Import List.

4.    Browse to find the folder named Terms Lists within the EndNote program which usually resides at c:\program files\endnote X7\terms lists\*.* on PCs and at Applications > EndNote 20 > Terms for Mac.

5.    Click on the desired list from the following options and click Open.                           

6.    The list will be imported into your EndNote library. Click on Tools > Open Term Lists > Journals Terms List > Terms to confirm that you have now have at least one abbreviation list in addition to the full journal title.

Note: Check your Output Style to verify whether a journal abbreviation or full journal title is selected. Unless specified, the journal title will format as entered in the EndNote reference