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This guide offers instruction and information about the latest version of this popular citation manager available to the Brown community.

Exporting individual references

It's possible to export references from the record page in PubMed in a few ways. 

You can click "Cite," 

Then click "Download .nbib":

Or you can click "Send to" at the top of the page, then select "Citation Manager"

Both methods will result in a file ending in .nbib saved to your downloads folder (or wherever you have configured downloaded files to be stored). Opening the resulting .nbib file should result in a new EndNote reference.

Exporting search results

You may export selected search results, or all of your search results at once. To export only certain citations, choose the references you'd like by checking the corresponding box, then click "Send To." Choose "Citation Manager," and open the resulting downloaded file.

If you'd like to export all of your references, or the first page of references, click "Send To" and choose either "All results on this page" or "All results," then click "Create file."