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Film and Video Resources

Finding Video Resources at Brown

Welcome to the Brown Library's guide to film and video resources!

The Brown library has a number of useful film and video resources. There is a DVD collection comprising popular, historical and experimental/art iflms, there are still some materials on VHS, and there are many databases of streaming videos. 

Finding video resources

  • If you know the title of the film you are looking for, you can enter it into the search box in the library home page. This will find any copy of the film (dvd, vhs) that the library has. Most are in the Friedman Center, but some are in the Annex, and have to be requested. This can be done from the results page.
  • If you want to browse and explore the library's DVD holdings, you can do an Advanced Search for materials with the format "DVD". This will bring back about 11000 results, but you can winnow them down quickly using the facets on the right hand side. This technique isn't guaranteed to find content from our subscription online databases (it will find some), nor will it bring back VHS or other film material. However, it is a good way to get an overview of holdings in areas you may be interested in, when you aren't looking for an exact title. You can also search for "VHS" and "Video" as formats. 
  • See other pages of this guide for our many subscription databases that provide streaming videos.

If you cannot find what you need, or if there is a video that you would like the library to acquire for a class or for your research (include your senior thesis or dissertation) please use the form below or contact your subject librarian.

Night scene of man in 1920s car driving away from brightly lit modernist house.

Marcel L'Herbier. L'Inhumaine. 1924.

Acquisitions in the Brown Library


Video materials may be streamed as course reserves in OCRA.  CIS has a site with instructions for activating OCRA course reserves in Canvas.