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Database: Pitchbook

How to Access

First time users must register for an account using your email address. You need to be on campus or connected to the VPN when you create your account.

  1. Click the Pitchbook Link above
  2. Click the link "Create an Account" (screenshot below)
  3. Enter your brown email and choose a password.
  4. Verify your email address
  5. Log in

screenshot of pitchbook login screen with green box around create an account

Coverage & Decription

Pitchbook is a database of private market data, focused on venture capital, private equity and M&A deals. There is some public sector coverage, and is a source for Sustainanalytics ESG ratings.

Pitchbook is used for projects like researching startup companies, creating lists of companies, conducting primary market or industry research, and accessing analyst reports on emerging markets or technology. The platform provides tools and features for analyzing the data and users can save and share information once you register for an account.

Pitchbook Terminology

Pitchbook can help you research trends in a market or industry or find the denominator in your market size estimate because all companies have been associated with an industry or vertical. To effectively use the search it helps to know about the way they use the terms Industry, Vertical, and Keyword throughout the database.

  • Industries: All companies in Pitchbook are assigned an primary Industry, based on Pitchbook's proprietary classification system. Examples: Healthcare, Information Technology, Energy
  • Verticals: represent a specific area of focus for investment and may span across multiple Industries and are also based on a proprietary classification system in Pitchbook. Examples: 3D printing, AI, Machine Learning and Augmented Reality
  • Keywords: Keywords are assigned to companies by Pitchbook based on the content of the company description and proprietary keywords applied by Pitchbook analysts. Think of keywords in Pitchbook like hastags on twitter (except they are not user-generated)

Emerging spaces are areas of new growth and investment that have not yet reached the level of a new vertical or industry. If you can't find an industry or vertical related to your research or project, emerging spaces may help. The information in this area is always changing.

screenshot of pitchbook emerging trends screen with an arrow pointing at the "Healthcare" filter.

Manuals and User Guides

Documentation and guides are available in the Pitchbook Help Center. Click "Help Center" in the upper menu after logging in to see all documentation.

screenshot of pitchbook menu with green arrow pointing to help center link in the top right corner.

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