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Zines at Brown University and in Rhode Island

Finding Zines in Rhode Island

Zines are available throughout Rhode Island. Check out these other locations:


Ada Books

The Dirt Palace

Providence Comics Consortium

Queer and Trans Zine Fest

RISD (un)bound book fair

RISD zine collection (For more information on this collection contact Ariel Bordeaux at or 401-709-5911)


They are also available across the globe! Barnard College has created this resource for locating zine collections by state and by country. 

Zines about Rhode Island and by Rhode Island zinesters

The Sarah Doyle and Malana Krongelb Zine Collections contain zines about Rhode Island and by Rhode Island zinesters. Some titles include: 


Atmospheres by Ehype

Get it Together

A Guide for Botanical Cartography, Providence, Rhode Island

I Was a Teen Mom by Heather Jackson

Madiburl and Mindfuck Revolutions (Issue 8) by Heather Jackson

Melon X Mall by Mimi Chrzanowski

Scream Queens Magazine

SPACE: A Prison Arts Journal by Space in Prison for the Arts and Creative Expression (SPACE)

If You'd Like to Heal It, I Can Sing It For You: A Zine on Aging