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History of Art and Architecture Resources

Special Collections

Note that the collections below do not necessarily contain all art related material in the Hay. Please consult your librarian or a curator for more information.

Note about Primary Source Databases

The databases below contain a great deal of digitized historical information in many formats. Not everything will be art-related, but there is some material in all of them that may be of interest to students of the history of art and architecture. Most also include image collections. Most of the databases below are from a vendor called Adam Matthew. You may see their entire list of primary source databases here:

Primary Source Databases: Advertising and Business

Primary Source Databases: Africa

Primary Source Databases: American History

Primary Source Databases: Asia

Primary Source Databases: British History

Primary Source Databases: Fashion


 Young woman and man in early 19th century dress dancing

Anonymous French Engraver. A Dance. ca. 1828. Luna Collection.


Godey's Lady's Book: Important 19th century fashion magazine with historical illustrations. To find images, use the Advanced Search screen and limit to illustrations. The various incarnations of this magazine are accessible online through the American Periodicals Series. Note: many of the original print magazines are available in the John Hay Library collections.

Primary Source Databases: Gender Studies

Primary Source Databases: Islamic World

Primary Source Databases: Popular Culture

Primary Source Databases: World History

Web Based Art Materials