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History of Art and Architecture Resources

Selected Art & Architecture Reference Resources

On this page you will find just a few of the many reference resources available from the Brown library. Please be aware that many more may be found by searching Josiah or consulting with your librarian.

Encyclopedias & Dictionaries: General Resources

A great place to start for general information on artists, movements, sites, and more is this online encyclopedia, which covers all cultures and time periods:


Adobe bookcase filled with books

School Library, Awra Amba, Ethiopia. After 1980. Photograph by Alexander Savin via Creative Commons license.

Encyclopedias & Dictionaries: American Art

Encyclopedias & Dictionaries: Classical World


Woman holding two infants, flanked by two other women and animals

Ara Pacis: Tellus. Rome, 13-9 BCE. Photograph by Brooke Hammerle. Luna Collection.

Encyclopedias & Dictionaries: Architecture

Encyclopedias & Dictionaries: Film


Woman displaying outfit to two others in art deco interior

Our Dancing Daughters. 1928. Directed by Harry Beaumont. Luna Collection.

Encyclopedias & Dictionaries: Global Art & Architecture

Encyclopedias & Dictionaries: Medieval Art

Encyclopedias & Dictionaries: Modern & Contemporary Art

Biographical Dictionaries on Artists


Bowl with feet and spiral handles

Unknown artisan. Feast Bowl. Papua New Guinea, wood, ca. 1800. Los Angeles County Museum of Art via Creative Commons license.

Ebook Collections