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Brown Biomedical Innovations

Market information, data and resources for preparing BBII proposals.

Getting Started

This guide provides links, information and examples to help you prepare your pre-proposal to the BBII innovation fund.  BBII awards are intended to develop and add value to biomedical technologies to increase the probability for licensing and commercialization. The examples and resources found here will help you establish the addressable market size, target patient population segments, and general market trends for your technology and BBII proposal.

For more information on the Brown Biomedical Innovation accelerator fund and application process see the Translational Development + BBII website.

Background Reading

Request a Consultation

We are available to help you find information to support your proposal through a consultation or a quick email. We recommend setting up an appointment with us if you have in depth questions.

To request a consultation, send Emily & Kelsey an email with the following information:

  • Your availability for an initial 45 minute meeting
  • Details about the product/solution and research that you are proposing. This information will be kept confidential, but it helps us prepare for the consultation to have as much information as you can share ahead of time.