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Brown Biomedical Innovations

Market information, data and resources for preparing BBII proposals.

Creating Company and Organization Lists

Creating a list of companies or organizations is useful when you want to identify potential competitors, licensees, or to consider comparable entities based on technology, size, market or geographic location. How you use and build a list of organizations will depend on how this information may inform your application.

Below you will find examples of how to find organizations using NIH Reporter, MarketMaps in Pitchbook, EMBASE and Web of Science.

For a list of resources for researching individual companies based on financial information or geographic location see here:


Search NIH RePORTER to see other funded projects similar to yours. It's possible to limit results by institution type (in this case, domestic for-profit) to view other companies. 

Combined with keyword searching, you can then view a list of companies funded by the NIH for a particular topic.

MarketMaps in Pitchbook

In addition to searching for companies using the Industry or Verticals taxomony within Pitchbook, you can also try searching with keywords. Here is an example of how you can use the Market Map feature to understand the companies working in the "microbiome" space are segmented.

  1. Run a keyword search for microbiome (Advanced Search - Industry)
  2. Add additional Industry or verticals if appropriate. For market trends be more broad to start - you can always narrow the list once you are more familiar with the way searching works in Pitchbook
  3. Run the search
  4. You will see a page with high level summaries of things like: total investment by year, recently funded companies, and potential acquirers. You can see all companies working in this space, read the full description & further refine your list of market comps.
  5. You can save specific companies to a list, or expore the full list for evaluation outside of Pitchbook.

Funding Information in Embase

Analyze Results for Companies

To get a broad overview of affiliated companies, perform a search for your topic in Embase. From the results page, click the Drug Manufacturers (or Device Manufacturers, if applicable) filter.

You can export a CSV file listing each company (with the number of publications) by clicking "Export" at the bottom of the filter selection.


Funding Information in Web of Science

Analyze Results for Organizations and Funders

To get a broad overview of both affiliated organizations and funders, perform a search for your topic in Web of Science:

From the results page, click "Analyze Results"