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Collections at the John Hay Library

In addition to its significant holdings of Yiddish sheet music, a portion of which have been digitized, Special Collections is home to a number of important works by Yiddish writers in a wide variety of formats (poetry, prose, posters, newspapers) and subjects (religion, politics, language study, entertainment).  The Harris collection has an especially large number of published Yiddish plays.  Special collections also houses Yiddish language publications of the Workmen's Circle (Yiddish:  Arbeiter Ring).  Yiddish works by individual authors may be identified on a BruKnow search by using the Language facet (found to the left of the search results) to limit the search to Yiddish.  See, for example, the results of this search for the novelist Sholem Asch.  Below are links for two unusual Yiddish manuscripts found at the Hay.