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CHEM0360 LAB Organic Chemistry

Welcome... the Library Resource Guide for ORGANIC CHEMISTRY (CHEM0360 LAB)

CHEM0360 (Chemistry) 
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Be Aware

Nomenclature, the names of organic compounds, is the least desirable way to search for chemical and physical properties.Naming is not standardized. The different resources listed here use different naming conventions. Searching by structure, if the resource allows, is the most effective. Formula is effective; however, a long results list may need to be checked in detail. CAS RN can be inconsistent but better than name.

Use your learning from class lectures and readings as well as information in the pre-lab lecuters and the course guide to do assignments and lab reports. Apply learning from lectures and readings to the lab course.

Suggested Strategy

  • If resource is indexed by structure, enter structure by drawing it using the structure editor provided.
    • Make sure that the structure searched is not using a substructure or similarity search; need exact structure search
  • Determine CAS RN and confirm it if obtained thru a non-CAS resource.
    • Do not depend solely on CAS RN especially if no results obtained in a print or electronic resource.
  • Enter molecular formula (some electronic resources require caps) and go through results list.

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