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Data Management and Sharing

This guide provides current resources available to the Brown University community for management, and, when appropriate, sharing of research data as required by funders and journals. Contact for assistance

Data Citation

Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs)

Brown DataCite DOI Service [] offers the Brown community the ability to assign a digital object identifier (DOI) to a data set and/or research product. DOIs are an essential component of a data citation and are considered 'persistent identifiers' because the underlying URL can be updated if the location of the object on the web changes. Contact for assistance with obtaining a DOI for data, code, or other digital research products.


Perma.CC is a service maintained by the Harvard Law Library. Its purpose is to facilitate sustainable citation of web pages and web documents by archiving an image of a web page and/or web document in the case that one day the site URL is no longer accessible (i.e., link rot). Images are stored and assigned an indentifier and URL for citation in a footnote/references/works cited. Features include the ability to upload a CSV of URLs and the automatic creation of permanent links. Contact to request a Brown University Perma.CC account through the University Library, offering users the ability to create an unlimited amount of permanent links. 

Wayback Machine [] Maintained by the non-profit Internet Archive, users can enter a URL in bar labeled 'Save Page Now' (if website allows crawling).