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Data Management and Sharing

This guide provides current resources available to the Brown University community for management, long-term storage, and, when appropriate, sharing of research data as required by funders and journals. Contact for assistance.

Data Citation

Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs)

Brown DataCite DOI Service [] offers the Brown community the ability to assign a digital object identifier (DOI) to a data set and/or research product. DOIs are an essential component of a data citation and are considered 'persistent identifiers' because the underlying URL can be updated if the location of the object on the web changes. Contact for assistance with obtaining a DOI for data, code, or other digital research products.


Perma.CC is a service maintained by the Harvard Law Library. Its purpose is to facilitate sustainable citation of web pages and web documents by archiving an image of a web page and/or web document in the case that one day the site URL is no longer accessible (i.e., link rot). Images are stored and assigned an indentifier and URL for citation in a footnote/references/works cited. Features include the ability to upload a CSV of URLs and the automatic creation of permanent links. Contact to request a Brown University Perma.CC account through the University Library, offering users the ability to create an unlimited amount of permanent links. 

Wayback Machine [] Maintained by the non-profit Internet Archive, users can enter a URL in bar labeled 'Save Page Now' (if website allows crawling).