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Newspapers, Broadcast News & Popular Magazines

Newspapers are a valuable type of material for research, and are used as both primary and secondary sources. The Brown University Library has numerous newspapers across a variety of time periods, from diverse perspectives, and in different formats.

Research using the news

To find newspapers by geographic location, go to Classic Josiah and do a subject search on: Newspapers [City].

See the full list for examples below.


We also have news titles in microfilm and print. Find full coverage (in all formats) by searching newspaper titles in the Library search box. On the left in the results list page, you'll find ways to narrow down by format.

To carry out research within specific newspapers, go to Find Library Resources: Journals at the link below. You'll find access to all of our online newspapers by title here.



Edwaert Colyer. Trompe L'Oeil with Writing Materials. oil on canvas, ca. 1702. Courtesy of the Victoria & Albert Museum.