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History of France

Beginning Your Search

You can use Brown's Library Search Tool to query BruKnow and subscription datbases at the same time.  If you wish, you can use Boolean search terms (AND, OR, NOT) to focus your search  but be sure to capitalize them as demonstrated below:  



A keyword search will turn up two results screens. On the left side are books, ebooks, and archival material, and on the right side are a variety of subscription holdings, including journal articles. To focus your search, click on the Filter button on either side and choose how you'd like to narrow down your list of results or click on one of the suggested subject headings that appear at the top of the page.

It is important to note that the Library Search Box will NOT return articles that are unavailable online at Brown, so if you wish to do a comprehensive search, you should also check the subject databases or indexes.

Are you new to humanities research? Take a look at our Humanities Research Guide, which will help you through the process of beginning your search to writing the paper.


New French History Titles

Click here to consult the full list of newly received titles in French History. The following titles were recently added to our collections:

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