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Gender and Sexuality Studies

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The tab for Web Resources on this guide contains links to additional primary source materials available on the web.

Databases: Women's Studies

Selected Microfilm Sets: Women's Studies

Databases: LGBTQ / Sexuality / Gender

Selected Microfilm Sets: LGBTQ

Gay Rights Movement microfilm set (Rockefeller Library, Level B):

Consists of 112 Reels, catalogued as 3 separate collections, linked below. Comprises an extensive collection of material on groups involved in Gay and Lesbian life and the Gay Liberation Movement since 1950, drawn from collections of the New York Public Library and the GLBT History Society.

Finding and Using Microforms at the Rockefeller Library

Many research collections at the Brown University Library are available for use only on microform -- a pre-digital technology for preserving, distributing and storing research materials on film, fiche or opaque card stock. Microform collections require the use of a specialized machine reader which magnifies the image so as to render it readable.

Microform collections and machine readers are available to researchers on Level B of the Rockefeller Library. A state of the art machine reader on Level B allows researchers to capture an image either as a printed paper copy, or as a digital image which can be stored on a USB memory stick.  Paper copies can be charged to your Brown card; for digital copies, you will need to bring your own memory stick.