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Gender + Sexuality Studies


Welcome to the LibGuide for Gender + Sexuality Studies! 

This guide is created and maintained by Leo Lovemore

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Combahee River Collective, Boston, 1979. Photo by Tina Cross. 

Getting Started

  • Use the resources along the left-side panel to discover primary and secondary sources related to Gender + Sexuality Studies
  • Explore the links + tips below to learn more about navigating the research process, designing research methodologies, and finding reference works in your research area

Research Pathways

Design a research pathway:

Reference Works

From locating annotated bibliographies to accessing high-level scholarly overviews of a topic or sub-topic, reference works can help you identify lineages of scholarship in your topic area. 


Research Methods


From visiting archives to transcribing oral histories, interdisciplinary research methods in Gender + Sexuality Studies vary widely depending on theme, geographic context, time period, and more. Explore these resources on research methods to identify an approach that works for you