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Images: Finding and Using

General Resources (A Little Bit of Everything)


Sailing ships in a port with dramatic clouds

William James Bennett. New Orleans. Engraving, 1841. Luna Collection.

Brown University Collections Online

Ancient Art & Archaelogy


Woman holding 2 infants surrounded by semi nude female figures

   Ara Pacis, south side, Imperial Family. Rome, 13-9 BCE. Photo by Brooke Hammerle. Luna Collection.

Architecture & City Planning


Pink and red houses with picket fence and walkway

Seaside. 2004. Planners Robert Davis, Andres Duany, and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk. Photo by Karen Bouchard. Luna Collection.

Global Art & Architecture

Overview of old city with buildings made of sandstone and cliffs beyond

Ksar of Ait-Ben-Haddou, Morocco. Photo by Dietrich Neumann. Luna Collection.

Fashion, Costume & Theater Design


 Young woman and man in early 19th century dress dancing

Anonymous French Engraver. A Dance. ca. 1828. Luna Collection.


Godey's Lady's Book: Important 19th century fashion magazine with historical illustrations. To find images, use the Advanced Search screen and limit to illustrations. The various incarnations of this magazine are accessible online through the American Periodicals Series. Note: many of the original print magazines are available in the John Hay Library collections.

Historical Materials: Newspapers, Advertisements, Illustrations, Material & Popular Culture

Engraving of Hope College, Manning Hall, University Hall

Unknown artist.Brown University. Engraving, 1835.Brown Digital Repository.

Medieval Art


Two angels swinging censers in a border

Anonymous French. Plaque with Censing Angels. Enamel, ca.1170-1180. Metropolitan Museum of Art via Creative Commons license.

Music Iconography


Ceramic dancer and two musicians

Unknown Artist. Dancer and Musicians. Earthenware, Han Dynasty, 1st century B.C.–1st century CE. Metropolitan Museum of Art via Creative Commons license.



                Seated elderly African American couple

S.O. Dodge. Uncle Ben, 100 Years Old, and his Seventh Wife, Knoxville, Tennessee. Albumen, 1893. Luna Insight Collection.

Special Collections

Note that the collections below do not necessarily contain all art related material in the Hay. Please consult your librarian or a curator for more information.

Web Resources: Science


Anatomical drawings in Japanese book

Odano Naotake, illustrator. Johann Adam Kulmus, author. Kaitai Shinsho: Blood Circulation in the Human Body. 1774. Luna Collection.