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World War I: Resources from Brown University's Archives and Special Collections

Primary and selected secondary World War I resources from Brown University's Archives and Special Collections.

WWI Materials from Brown's Digital Repository

You can help--American Red Cross. 1918.World War I Prints, Drawings, and Watercolors from the Anne S. K. Brown Collection Military Collection includes wartime photographs, original art, uniform figures & insignia, propaganda, prints, and posters promoting the work of American Red Cross, Food Conservation, Relief work, War Bonds, Liberty Loans, and Recruitment.

World War I Broadsides from the Harris Collection of Poetry and Plays contains many examples of Patriotic poetry, Mourning and Memorial poetry, Propaganda, Peace, and Death in Poetry.

World War I Images of Brown, 1917-1918 features photographs taken on the Brown University campus during the years that America was in the war (Brown University Archives).

World War I Sheet Music is comprised of 1,800+ titles that relate in some way to the events of World War I, and the impact of the war on American society. There are patriotic songs, songs relating to specific military units, romantic songs of love and loss, comic songs, and songs that look to the war’s end. The Catalog of the World War I Sheet Music Collection contains entries for 1394 titles of World War I sheet music selected from the library's sheet music collection.

Modernist Journals Project: Fully searchable online editions of the English-language journals and magazines that were important in shaping the modes of literature and art that came to be called "modernist". Focusing on materials from 1890-1922, this collection is a crucial research tool and point of access to these often rare materials.

You can help--American Red Cross. 1918. Prints, Drawings, and Watercolors from the Anne S.K. Brown Military Collection.