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World War I: Resources from Brown University's Archives and Special Collections

Primary and selected secondary World War I resources from Brown University's Archives and Special Collections.

University Archives


The University Archives serves as the institutional memory of Brown University by collecting, preserving, and making accessible the materials that provide evidence of past University actions and contribute to an understanding of the university's structure and its history.

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President's Papers

University Records

  • Brown University World War I Files (OF-1E-3). I. General files; II. President Faunce's files; III. Brown Men in Service; IV. Brown Men Who Died in Service; V. Class records, first term, 1918-1919; VI. Dean Richardson's files; VII. Men in Service: Cards.

University Events

Personal Papers and Records


  • Certificates and Diplomas, 1769-1989 (MS-1I-1). American Field Service, Students of Brown University (A25246-7), 1918. Certificates from AFS in Paris for Car No. 719 "Florence J. H. Price." and Car No. 719 "Henri F. Micoleau," Car No. 799 "Presented by Students of Friends of Brown University."

Student Organization Records

Topic Files

  • History of the University - World War I (1-E)                                                                                              

Biographical Files

This collection consists of files of biographical information about alumni, faculty, administrators, and officers of the University. Alumni questionnaires, obituaries, and newspaper clippings are the common items found in these files.




  • Brown University, 1914-1918. (SB-1E-11) Album of photographs of University buildings (exteriors and interiors), faculty members, 150th anniversary, World War I    
  • Sarah Ida Morse (Class of 1918) (SB-M9) 2 volumes
  • Elizabeth de Welden Root (Class of 1917) (SB-R3; SB-R4)


  • Images of Brown.  A selection of digitized images from World War I. The digitized images are not comprehensive of all University Archives photographs related to World War I.      ​
  • Subjects (search list)
    • Buildings and Grounds, 1914-18 (1-W)
    • History of Brown University (1-E): Student Army Training Corps, World War I; World War I; World War I--Lafayette Escradrille
  • Individuals (search list for specific names)
  • Panoramic Photographs 

Image: Plattsburg Military Training Camp, Plattsburg N.Y. 1916. 


The Manuscripts Collection at the Brown University Library includes corporate archives, personal papers, collections compiled by collectors (sometimes called "artificial" collections), and single manuscripts - more than 3,000,000 pieces of paper in all. The manuscript collection as a whole is a particularly rich repository for sources in U.S. history, American literature and the history of science, technology and medicine, but manuscripts are collected in nearly every subject area.

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Digital Resource: Brown in the Great War

Brown in the Great War.  Project by Public Humanities graduate student utilizing the resources of the University Archives and Special Collections.








        Image: George West Berriman, non-graduate of the class of 1920