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SOC 1117: Focus Groups for Social and Market Research

Updated for Fall 2022

Library Orientation

computer with books Library Orientation

Learn about resources, people, and support available from the Brown University Library, as well as the special focus of academic libraries from the University Librarian.

Research Skills

head Evaluating Information

Become familiar with information resources, their purpose, and the value of those resources in the research process.

venn diagram with 3 circles Guide to Searching

Learn how to ask questions that inform your search strategy, use boolean operators, and navigate specialized search engines.

person with thought bubble and quotations Organizing and Using Information

Participate in the scholarly conversation by learning the skills needed to produce knowledge with formal and informal attribution, citation management, and other writing tips.

Special Collections

Special Collections iconPrimary Sources

Introduce students to special collections and primary sources, including tools for finding and analyzing primary sources online.

Data Literacy

undefinedData Management

Learn the best practices for managing data and use resources and tools provided by Brown Library to support research.

Center for Digital Scholarship

abstraction showing points being groupedDigital Tools and Methods

Details about workshops and tutorials on digital tools, how to work with them and how to apply them to your own research. A selection of The Library's Center for Digital Scholarship (CDS) workshops is offered each semester; workshops are accessible from the library home page along with other library events.


Icons by Noun Project: Library by Maria Kislitsina, IL licensed under CC BY 3.0 represents library orientation. Search by James Kopina, MX licensed under CC BY 3.0 represents finding information; lateral thinking by ProSymbols, US licensed under CC BY 3.0 represents evaluating information; Venn Diagram by Chance Smith, US licensed under CC BY 3.0 represents search strategy; citation by Nithinan Tatah, TH licensed under CC BY 3.0 represents organizing and using information; data management by Iconstock, TH under CC BY 3.0 represents data management.

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