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Newspapers, Broadcast News & Popular Magazines

Newspapers are a valuable type of material for research, and are used as both primary and secondary sources. The Brown University Library has numerous newspapers across a variety of time periods, from diverse perspectives, and in different formats.

Availability of Articles

Although many of these resources are described as "full text" it is possible that not all articles will be available, especially for very recent materials. If you are having trouble finding what you need, please contact or another subject librarian for assistance. If you have full citation information, you can also use your ILLiad account to request scans of articles that we don't have.

For additional help in searching newspapers, please also see the boxes called Tips for Searching Newspapers and Race and Ethnicity Keyword Thesaurus found on the Welcome page of this guide.

Finding Newspapers by Title

Below are some of our most commonly used titles, but in no way are these all the newspapers we have! To look up other titles, Go to BruKnow and click on the Find Journal link at the top of the page or...


                Text Box: BruKnow Databases and Journals search


.......or click on the radio button that says Journals by Title and entering your title in the search box. If our access is electronic, you'll be able to search within the record.

                BruKnow Library Homepage Search Box

If we don't have a title, you may be able to get microfilm or a scan of an article through Interlibrary Loan. If you need help with this, please see my contact box on the main page of this guide.



Two countrymen, one reading newspaper in garden by thatched cottage

H.A. Brendekilde. Reading the Newspaper. 1912. Wikimedia Commons.

Boston Globe

Christian Science Monitor

Los Angeles Times

New York Times

You can sign up for a free account that lets you access the current edition:

For full text searching of the New York Times, see these resources:

Providence Journal

Wall Street Journal

To search current news:

You can also sign up for a free account that lets you access the current edition:

For full text searching of the Wall Street Journal:

Washington Post

Other Titles