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Religious Studies

Scope of this guide

This guide is intended to be a pointer to key resources that students or faculty members may find helpful when doing any research on the subject of religion. While it is meant to support, especially, the Department of Religious Studies at Brown University, interest in religion can come from many different subject fields. Conversely, anyone researching topics involving religion may need to look at other of our guides, depending on their geographic, chronological, or disciplinary focus.  Other guides here that you may find useful are those for: Africana Studies, American Studies, AnthropologyArchaeology, Bio-Ethics, Classics, Early CulturesEarly Modern StudiesEast Asian Studies, Egyptology & Assyriology, Gender and Sexuality Studies, History, History of Art & Architecture, Islamic Studies, Judaic Studies, Latin American & Caribbean Studies, Medieval Studies, Middle East Studies, Music, Native American & Indigenous Studies, Philosophy, Sociology, South Asian Studies, and Theatre Arts & Performance Studies. As religion is a subject that affects (and is affected by) every part of society and culture, this list is certainly not exclusive, so you may want to look at the entire list of guides here.  

It may be worth noting that the resources listed here are intended to support the academic study of religion and religious phenomena, and this guide is not meant to promote the practice of any particular religion or groups of religions. Certain religious traditions may receive more or less attention here based on the focus of the Department of Religious Studies and the interests and needs of other academic departments here at Brown University. 

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