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SOC 1128 Migrants, Refugees and the Mediterranean

Updated for Fall 2022

BruKnow: The Library Catalog

BruKnow is the Library Catalog. It is a simple and powerful search tool for finding books, ebooks, articles, journals, videos, digital media, and more.

You can paste citations into BruKnow for easy access to books and articles, or you can use keyword searches to discover sources for your research.

Example Boolean Search

Topic 1: migrat* OR refugee* OR ("displaced person" OR "displaced people")
Topic 2: climate OR environment OR weather
Geography: North Africa
Search: (migrat* OR refugee* OR ("displaced person" OR "displaced people")) AND (climate OR environment OR weather) AND "North Africa"

When you want to add a geographic area, consider the following:

  • How is this area defined in the existing research? by different governments? organizations? How or has it changed over time?
  • How granular or specific is geography defined in your research question?
  • Am I searching in a general database or something that is already focused on this region?

BruKnow results include material from a wide range of disciplines and sources. For the topic of migration, you may want to exclude medical sources by clicking the red box to the right of the source name.

You may also include the name of specific frameworks, theories, methodologies if there are too many results.

For more detailed instructions on using BruKnow, including how to use advanced search features to narrow by title and subject see:

Search with Subject Headings

Think of subject headings as curated and controlled #hashtags in a library catalog.  Every item in BruKnow has been tagged with one or more subject heading that can help you identify the main topic of the item. Once you know the subject terms related to your research topic, you can use them to search for highly relevant books, articles, and films quickly.

Examples of Subject Headings related to SOC 1128

  • Mediterranean Region -- History
  • Mediterranean Region -- Civilization
  • Mediterranean Region -- Emigration and immigration
  • European Union countries -- Emigration and immigration -- Government policy
  • Forced migration
  • Refugees
  • Emigration and immigration -- Government policy
  • Shipwrecks -- Mediterranean Sea -- History -- 21st century.

Not relevant to your topic? Try this:

Select one source (book or article) that you have related to your topic

  1. Search for the item in BruKnow
  2. Select the record to see full item details
  3. Scroll down to "Subject"
  4. Click on the heading to see more sources for that topic

The Library of Congress subject headings are used at Brown and many research libraries. You can search the Library of Congress catalog directly to find more ideas. There are other controlled vocabularies and thesaurus used to classify research materials that may be relevant to your individual research topic.

Identify Relevant Journals for your Topic

Three ways to identify relevant and impactful journals related to your topic:

  • Browse all Journals by Subject. Use the "Journals by category" menu in BruKnow to look for journals by topic
  • Browse the bibliography of assigned readings in this class and make note of the journal names
  • Conduct a search in a database like SocIndex, then click on the source filter to see a list of journal or publication names

Access Journals using BruKnow

You can now look up the title of a database or journal in BruKnow to see if we have it or not. Simply click on one of the links at the top of the page. For databases, enter the title. For journals, enter the title or ISSN.

Note: This search takes you to the journal, which you can then search directly. You should not search for articles in this interface.


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