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Alma Acquisitions

Q & A and Resources
1.     POL - order now
ExL: Order now enables you to process an order for a POL, which moves the POL to the purchasing workflow where it is normalized and validated before being packaged and sent.
 If you select Order Now, an Order Now letter is sent after the order is sent for processing. The vendor receives the order using the Order List letter.
 Order Letters:
Configuring Alma Letters
2.     POL - multiple orders that will be packaged
ExL: Packaging PO Lines into a PO.
5.     Invoice payment options
Invoice Details page: "Payment methods" for the invoice: Cash,  Credit card, Attachment, Deposit account, Prepayment, Special payment, Bank transfers, and Accounting department; use if Alma is connected to an ERP. 
 When this payment method is selected, the Prepaid check box in the Payment section is disabled and cannot be selected (see Payment, below)

 a. Prepaid: enabled only when the selected payment method is an option other than Accounting department.
 When selecting Prepaid, additional fields appear in the payment section.
 b. Internal copy: whether the invoice is loaded into Alma for documentation or tracking purposes.
 The invoice is not sent to the ERP and is not marked as prepaid; additional fields appear in the payment section.
 "Export to ERP" (exportPrepaidInv parameter=T)
 Send the invoice to the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for notification purposes.
 If you selected Internal copy, this field cannot be selected and the invoice cannot be exported to the ERP.
 "Payment Identifier": external reference number from the ERP used to indicate that the invoice was paid.
 If there is no integration with an external system, you can enter an invoice or check number in this field.
 "Payment amount (required)"
 The final amount that was paid (after exchange rates and so forth are taken into account).
 You can also select the currency for the amount, in the field to the right of this field.
 Entering a negative number in this field indicates a credit amount.
6.     Run a job to complete the invoice?
ExL: If you’re using EDI.
7.     Importing shelf ready, what happens to the invoice
ExL: Invoices can be created manually or imported from the vendor via EDI.
9.     How does selecting Assign Inventory Manually change the workflow (e.g. receiving end)?
ExL: It’s not recommended because when you create the item manually later, after order it’s not linked to the POL or the acquisitions workflow (e.g. receiving).
10.  For manual orders placed for physical items, "purchased at vendor system", after confirming Order Now, is the ordering done, with the next step receiving?
ExL: Yes; the order will have a “sent” status and only “sent” orders can be received.


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