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  1. Download
  2. Unzip folder onto your computer harddrive.
  3. In the 'spinelabel' folder, Open Spine Labeler
  4. Select the arrow on the top right of the box
  5. Select the Call Number Format Tab and make sure Custom is selected
  6. Custom XML sources should already be setup. If not, insert the following:
    • <parsed_call_number><call_no_1>
      *"c." '<copy_id>
  7. Select Label Prefixes Tab and make sure Use local file is selected.
  8. The label prefixes should already be preloaded.
    • If not download the myLabelText file above.
      • Replace the myLabelText.txt file in your spinelabel folder with the new download.
  9. Finally you will need to check the Alma Access tab. If not already populated you will need to get the API Key from your supervisor.
    • ALMA URL:
    • Method: /almaws/v1/items?view=label&item_barcode={item_barcode}
    • API Key: See Supervisor
  10. Select 'Auto Print' up above for printing or 'Review' for reviewing, then select the scan button and scan in your barcode. The call number will automatically populate in the custom format.