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Alma Error Report


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Reported Errors

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Error Description Screen Shot (Click to Enlarge) Solution
Updating DNX failed When trying to change and save the Process Type on the item record, this error will pop up as a warning.     TBD. Adding a fulfillment note to the item record seems to help.
Alma frequently crashing in Chrome When editing Bibs in MDE or other general use, Alma will crash in Chrome. Sometimes this is rare, other times it is very frequent   TBD
Item has request/ is in work order

When adding material type to the Physical Item in MDE, a confirmation box will be returned stating "The item is in work order, moving the item will cancel the requests if the item not requestable in new location"

When sending the item to Physical Processing, a message will pop up alerting the user the "Item has requests: Acquisition technical services"

Connexion NOT_ADDED_BRIEF When overlaying a Connexion record on an Alma record, Alma may return the error "NOT_ADDED_BRIEF"

Connexion integration is setup so that incoming records that Alma considers a lower brief record will not be accepted.

This decision is based off the records brief level found in LDR/17

If you believe this is a mistake, then update the brief level in the connexion record before importing. Otherwise find a record with a higher brief.