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About Permissions

Alma requires a login permission of [blank] to make changes to Import profiles. See BUL's Contact Chart to determine who is currently able to change your login permissions.


Profile Types

Name Description

New Order

Bibliographic records with embedded order data (EOD). Used to import bibliographic information and create PO lines and physical/electronic inventory.
Update Inventory Shelf-ready material for inventory associated with PO lines, based on the PO line reference number or vendor reference number.
Repository Bibliographic records. Used to import bibliographic information and create physical/electronic inventory.
Collection Used to create top-level collections with their sub-collections by importing an encoded archival description (EAD) file.



screenshot of Import Profile Details




Profile Details

Option Description
Profile Name Name your Import Profile
Profile description Add a description of what your import profile does.
Originating system Select the vendor, if they are not available in the list then select Other
Import Protocol Select Upload File/s for manual uploads. Select FTP for automatic uploads through an FTP server.
Physical source format Select Binary for marc files.
source format Select MARC21 Bibliographic
Status Determines whether this profile appears as a useable option in the Import menu.
File name patterns Used mainly for FTP. Will grab files that fit the pattern. * is used as a wildcard for 0 or more characters.
Target format MARC21 Bibliographic
Scheduling Menu Appears when selecting FTP or OAI Import Protocols. Used to turn automatic importing on based off preprogrammed schedules. Also allows the user to set up notifications to be sent to an e-mail address for both successful loads and failed loads.
FTP Menu Select FTP connection from a drop down list that can be set up in the Configuration menu. Further individualize the folder selection via Input directory.



screenshot of Profile Details




Normalization & Validation

Option Description
Filter Can select from a list of Filters
Normalization Can select from a list of Normalization processes that can be set up using MDE and the Configuration Menu. Normalization Rules will be applied after a record matches or imports.
Validation Exception Profile Select MarcXML Bib Import



Screenshot of Normalization and Validation




Match Profile

Option Description
Match Profile Menu Set both Match Methods to needed match point.
  • 001 to MMS_ID -- Alma Specific Bib id. Use this for Bibs that have been exported from Alma and are being brought back in.
  • 035 (Other System Identifier) -- Use this when you are matching on an OCLC number or a vendor provided id. When importing, content from the 001 and 003 field are combined in the 035 before matching. So if you want to match an id that is currently in the 001, select this option.
  • ISSN/024/035 -- Use this when matching on an ISSN
Upon Match
  • Merge
  • Overlay
  • Do Not Import
  • Import New Record
Merge Method  
Community Zone linked records handling  
Automatic Multi-Match Handling Selecting Skip and do not import unresolved records will turn off multimatch handling and will not bring in records that match more than one record.
Upon No Match Select whether the record will import or skip if it does not match an existing Alma record.



screenshot of match profile




Set Management Tags

Options Description
Suppress record/s from publish/delivery  
Suppress record/s from external search  
Synchronize with OCLC Set to publish our holdings to OCLC as appropriate.
Synchronize with Libraries Australia We do not publish to this service.



screenshot of set management tags




Inventory Information

Options Description
Inventory Options
  • Electronic
  • Mixed
  • Physical
  • None
Use Community Zone portfolios  
Electronic Collections
  • Standalone or Part of an electronic collection
  • Electronic Collection -- Select from Collections set up in the Catalog
  • Service -- Full Service
  • Material Type
  • Single or Multiple Portfolios
E-Book Extract Fields  Enter which marc field and subfield Alma should pull portfolio information from. URL and Public Note are the usual selections.
Item Creation Policy
  • Create either holdings only or items and holdings
  • Material Type
Physical Mapping Use Item Information field to select a MARC field that contains all the necessary information. Otherwise manually enter the information below. Important information being Barcode, Library, Location, and Call Number.
Holdings Records Mapping Inform Alma what location to link the holding to when it finds a specific term in the subfield.

screenshot of Electronic Item Inventory