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Resources in Art and Architecture on the Web

A compilation of freely available resources as curated by art librarian Karen Bouchard.


On this site, I have compiled art and architecture resources from across the web. Please note, the collection has grown organically, as I have come across the sites, so there will be vast differences in the number of resources among different topics. The definition of art and architecture is also stretched to include documentary photography. In no way is this intended to be a comprehensive collection but I do continue to add to it as I discover new resources. It is mainly intended to be a useful collection for students and faculty at Brown who are carrying out research in art, architecture, and related fields.

Please be sure to note the subpages for each tab in the menu.


Bird head in profile

Mark Catesby. The natural history of Carolina, Florida, and the Bahama Islands: The Great Booby. Etching, 1771. John Hay Library Collection.